Company Profile

Euganea Legno s.a.s. is a company lead by 4 shareholders, since 1986 very well setted in the field of commercial wood, especially planks and logs.
Thanks to the shareholders and seller's experience the company has been able to develop and improve in time following the main market trends and diversifying its products. It has specialized in the trade of European hardwood, in the import of American woods, of trinned, and semiprocessed products.
The storehouse is always well-furnished and it can satisfy every demand of the market.
Competitiveness and reliability that characterize Euganea Legno move made it grow in notoriety in the national and international market, making it one of the most important protagonists in the field of wood.

Euganea Legno s.a.s - Piazza D.Don Fafaro, 16 - 35043 - MONSELICE (PD)
Tel: +39 0429.782774 - Fax: +39 0429.781472 - E-Mail: